Flickr Fun for Education

Using a photo sharing site like Flickr can provide unlimited opportunities to integrate photos into teaching and learning. Whether you are teaching online or in traditional settings, having access to literally millions of images can provide creative opportunities for educational purposes. Here are a few ways that images and the site itself can be used.

1. Current Events: Images regarding current events can be shared for discussion.

For example, images from the recent floods in Thailand may offer compelling items for a current events lesson.

2. Writing prompts: Images can be used in writing for brainstorming or for writing prompts.

For example, what story might this image inspire?

3. Math: Images can be used to investigate geometric shapes. For example, you could use the following images to discuss angles.

4. History: What about finding images to spark historical inquiry? What questions might be generated from a few selected images?

The Globe Theater

5. Science: How can Flickr be used in science education? A post on Quest (from Northern California)  gives many ideas related to integrating images into science.

For example, images of the metamorphosis of a butterfly could viewed.

The possibilities for using images are endless. Virtual field trips, teacher and student presentations, and current events are just a few other ways to use images from photo sharing sites. Flickr also offers a “commons” area where photo downloads are free and all individuals can use them.  You can also access photos from NASA, the White House, and other libraries and government agencies.

Students can also upload their own photos to create portfolios or to demonstrate their own knowledge and understanding of a subject area or to share other important concepts.


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